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Architecture Studio 044, has a team of highly qualified professionals with a long-year experience. We design residential, administrative and industrial buildings, hotels and sports facilities. We work in close cooperation with proven building construction experts and supervision construction firms.

Our philosophy

  • Architect's role in society is to turn technical, economical and aesthetic theory into a lifestyle for all people!
  • Architecture should harmonize with the landscape /urban or rural/, climate ana cultural identity /tradition/ of the particular place!
  • Architecture's aim is to meet the social expectations of people and to take them by surprise!
  • "Sustainable development", as I take it, is applying the principle: "Don't do what you can do without!
  • In architecture functional and social aspects and the role of form, space and materials are equally significant!

Logistic centre

Logistic centre - Sliven

Project for reconstruction of trade centre

Project for reconstruction of trade centre - Silistra

Car showroom and service

Car showroom and service - Sliven